Red, White and Bruised: The Midnight Live - Cassette

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Release Date: 22nd September 2023

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Limited Edition Cassette Tape (D2C Exclusive): Available in 1 of 3 colour tape shells pressed in equal amounts: Red, Clear or Blue. Each tape will be randomly packed.

Side A.

  1. Neon Medusa (Live)
  2. Days of Thunder (Live)
  3. Lost Boy (Live)
  4. Deep Blue (Live)
  5. Heart Worth Breaking (Live)
  6. Good In Red (Live)
  7. Vampires (Live)
  8. Sunset (Live)

Side B.

  1. Heroes (Live)
  2. Change Your Heart or Die (Live)
  3. Brooklyn. Friday. Love. (Live)
  4. Gloria (Live)
  5. The Comeback Kid (Live)
  6. Heartbeat (Live)
  7. Shadows (Live)
  8. Los Angeles (Live)